Ejercicios FyQ

 Ejercicios Resueltos de Physics & Chemistry (2º ESO)

Ejercicios y problemas en inglés para alumnos del programa bilingüe.

Decide if these sentences are true or false. Be careful because each mistake discounts a right answer:

a) Intraspecific relationships occur between individuals of the same species.

b) Interspecific relationships occur between individuals of the same species.

c) Biotic factors are the variables of a biotope or physical environment that affect living things.

d) The chemical composition of the soil is a biotic factor because plants absorb water and mineral salts from it.

e) An ecosystem consists of a biotope, a biocenosis and the interactions between the biotope and the organism that live in it.

f) Predation is a type of interspecific relationship in which a predator feeds on a prey.

g) Family is a type of interspecific relationship and it is formed of, at least, one male and female of the same species and the offspring.

h) Symbiosis consists in two or more individuals from different species living closely together in a competition relatioship.

Make the following conversions of units of temperature:

a) 36 ºC to ºF

b) 58 ºC to ºF

c) 149 ºF to ºC

d) 374 ºF to ºC

Convert 3.67 kcal/g to J/g.

If my temperature is 312 K, have I got fever?

Define, with your own words, what energy is. Explain three different types of energy.

A 15 mL sample of a solid is weighted and the mass recorded was 29 g. What is the density of the solid?

What type of energy is involved in each of the following situations?

a) Wood is burning in the fire.

b) A radio station is broadcasting its usual programme. Waves are coming out of its antenna.

c) An MP3 is playing.

If frequency of red light is lower than frequency of blue light, how will be their energies?

Is there heat between two bodies with different temperatures when they are put in contact?

How is heat transferred in the air?

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