Physics & Chemistry (3º ESO)

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    Mass, volume and density in International System of Units 0001

    What are the units of mass and volume in SI? What will be the unit of density in SI?

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    Density of a substance 0001

    The volume of 200 g of a substance is 10 L, what is its density?

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    Mass of reactants in a chemical equation 0001

    How many grams of O_2 are needed to react with 120 g of NO, in order to obtain NO_2?

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    Atomic number and atomic mass 0001

    An element has atomic number 10 and atomic mass 20. How many neutrons does this element have?

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    Question about nucleus of the atom 0001

    The nucleus of an atom is composed of uncharged particles as well as of the following:

    a) Electrons

    b) Protons

    c) Neutrons

    d) Ions