Forces and their effects

Exercises and problems about forces and their effects on systems: movements and deformations.

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    Types of forces: at a distance or through contact (4841)

    Indicate which of these phenomena are produced by forces at a distance and which are produced by forces through contact:

    a) The motion of a train due to magnetic levitation.

    b) The deformation of a spring when you attach a weight on it.

    c) The skidding of a car on a pool of water.

    d) The formation of the aurora borealis.

    e) The motion of a cupboard when you push it.

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    Lengthen of a spring when a force is applied (4843)

    A spring has an elastic constant of 120 N/m. Calculate how much it will lengthen by if a force of 35 N is applied.

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    Classification of bodies: rigid, elastic or plastic (4842)

    Classify the following objects into rigid, plastic or elastic bodies:

    a) The mechanism of a key of the computer keyboard.

    b) Sunglasses.

    c) A headband.

    d) A steel fork.

    e) The bristles of a toothbrush.

    f) Bread dough.

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    Convertion of units: speed of a car (3600)

    A car is moving in a straight path at 3 600 meters during 90 seconds. Determine the speed of the car, expressed in km/h.

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    Acceleration of a car (3583)

    A car is increasing its speed from 40 m/s to 70 m/s. What is its acceleration if the time needed was 3 seconds?